Concept - “07621”

07621 is the zipcode of the town that influenced me the most in life. Bergenfield, NJ.

From the music I listen to the clothes I wear, everything stems from this town.

In this editorial, I will be showcasing the spots I grew up around and giving you a digital tour of a town that will forever be a part of me.
Photography: Enmi Yang & Clinton Elliott
Model: Kevin Tecson
Styling & Direction: Kevin Tecson

Whether you’re moving to get away, find new opportunities, or even following a dream, moving is always a scary thing to do. The familiarity of “home” comforts you. A “home”, a person’s single safest place, could still be vulnerable to changes that bring back completely new feelings and senses of unfamiliarity.

Packing away in ‘06 to Houston was heartbreaking. It stripped me from everything I had and everything I had ever known. I took pride in telling people where I’m from - that this is the place that molded and shaped me to the person I am today.

Shooting this editorial is the first time I’ve been back since 2009.

Memorial Park - 

A place where basketball games were played, skateboarders skated, and wasted summer days happened. Countless hours were spent here dreaming of bigger things to come. My love for basketball started here.

Always being the youngest (and smallest) one there, I would watch my brother and his friends only hoping to shoot a few shots while everyone was taking a break.

Less than a 10 minute walk, a normal park to everyone else was a paradise to me.


Lincoln School - 

(Kindergarden - 5th Grade)

Thinking about my childhood can sometimes be a blur, but remembering my time in New Jersey is effortless. Jersey will always be the place I tell everyone where I’m from. Jersey will always be home.