brooklyn, ny
shot by me
Playing more and more with colors and curation. Trying/Figuring out new ways to present photos in a new light. The past couple months have been the same process, get an idea, shoot it, curate it, release it onto my website. Hopefully gonna keep with this trend until the year ends. Thanks for viewing 
brooklyn, ny
styled,shot & curated by me

clinton elliott
brooklyn, ny
styled,shot & curated by me.

At first this website was strictly professional, work from me whether it was editorials/styling jobs that I would do here and there. But fuck that, I have ideas running through my head all day and nowhere to put them.

This is what the journal is for, for me to just dump whatever I want. It can be photos, music, things that inspire me etc etc. No timelines no pressure no promises. I needed a platform to release content at any given time.